#OOTD: Winter Layering with Sweater Dresses

Y’all know I love a good sweater dress in the winter.  They are a great piece to add to your wardrobe for a quick casual or chic outfit.  Another reason why I love a good sweater dress is because you can layer it for a different twist and add warmth at the same time.  Functionality meets style, you know we love that combo!

Wear it Unapologetically

I picked up this cute sweater dress from Target and decided to layer it with a white shirt dress for a different look.  I’ve worn this dress by itself and it gives it a more minimalist look that I love just as much.  One of the things I would say to be careful of with this sweater dress is that it’s already thick so layering this dress with a loose fitting dress or shirt underneath can add to the bulk and make the dress fit a bit bulky; translation = it can make you look like you gained 5 to 10 pounds easily, LOL! If I layer this dress again in the future, I’d do a fitted dress or a bodysuit to make it fit a bit more sleek.

What I wore – Sweater Dress: Target, Shirt Dress: H&M (similar), Tights: Forever 21 (similar), Boots: JustFab (similar), Purse: JustFab (a good second option)


“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” – Proverb

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