Why I Love Faux Fur (And You Should, Too!)

Faux fur is one of my favorite textures to add to my wardrobe in the fall and winter. It gives you the right amount of ‘extra’ and personality to add to just about any look. And yes, I know, in fashion, fake is usually looked down upon. But, this fake is so good in so many ways that it can’t be wrong. This is especially true over the last couple of years with designers opting to carry faux fur instead or in addition to their real fur round up. So, what’s the deal? Why do I love faux fur, and why should you?

  1. No animals killed with this one: When you know better you do better. For me, I never really thought about the implications of wearing fur until I watched a PETA video and was enlightened. Y’all I cannot unsee what I saw. After I saw that video, I decided that my taste for fur would be embodied in faux fur only.
  2. It’s trendy: As I mentioned above, faux fur has been having a moment. Major designers and retailers are showcasing it in their lines and up and down the runway.
  3. It’s easy to take care of: Some faux fur options do not require special cleaning or dry cleaning. You can spot clean it or you can throw some in your washer and hang dry.
  4. It’s more resilient: You don’t have to worry about too much humidity, special storage, professional cleaning services, or temperature conditions. Faux fur can hang in your closet with the rest of your fashions.
  5. Affordable: It’s so much cheaper than the real thing. That’s all I need to say about that.
  6. Play with color and patterns: You can play with different colors and patterns with the faux variety.

Do you own any faux fur pieces? If not, would you?

What I wore – Faux fur vest: H&M (similar), Shirt: Natt Taylor, Blazer: Thrifted (similar), Faux leather leggings: H&M (similar), Clutch: F&W Style, Belt: BooHoo, Boots: JustFab (similar)


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