White Linen Blazer and Studio Session

There is something so perfect about a white blazer. Make it a white linen blazer and you have something special for the spring and summer. A white linen blazer for the warmer weather of spring and summer will certainly get it’s wear and can transition into fall and winter depending on how you style it. The transitional element of a white blazer lends itself to being super versatile as well. You can dress it up and dress it down. The white linen blazer that I have in the OOTD below is from BLANK Wardrobe. The bottoms are also from BLANK. 🙂

For this OOTD I decided to shoot it in a local studio to prepare for BLANK Wardrobe’s spring and summer shoot this coming weekend. I’ve shot in the studio before during my modeling days, but it was the first time that Alfred and I shot together in a studio. So, as you could imagine we had a bit of a learning curve. Not only for Alfred learning how to use the camera, but for me to pose in front of the camera. One of the things that I realized during this shoot was how uncomfortable I was in front of the camera. Especially since we were shooting in a studio. And while I really enjoyed the set-up and vibe of the studio, shooting in that studio still made me uncomfortable. It was kind of weird for me to feel that uncomfortable and I couldn’t really pin down why. More on that in another post. As we shot some more, I got waaaaayyy more comfortable. Thank goodness!

What I will say from this whole experience is that as I continue to work on BLANK Wardrobe I realize how much I am learning about business and myself constantly. As I mentioned in a previous post, these days I find myself being uncomfortable 90% of the time and I’m starting to learn to become exhilarated by that; there truly is comfort in discomfort.

What makes you uncomfortable? Have you decided to lean into your discomfort to grow?

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