White Button Up: A Classic That’s Always Trendy + Store Opening

You can never go wrong with rocking jeans and a white button up.  I won’t make this post long.  You all already know my love for a white button up as a wardrobe staple.  Having several or at least a couple in your closet ready to go is always a good idea since it guarantees you’ll have a clean crispy one when you need it.

But wait girl, you can’t just pop in and not tell us where you’ve been! You missed a whole week, what’s good?

I know, right!? I’ve had an incredible, but busy couple of weeks.  I’ve since moved and settled into our new home (more on that later :)) and I’ve been preparing for the launch of my first boutique, Blank Wardrobe.  Yes, y’all, if you haven’t been following me on social, I’m opening a boutique! I’ll have more on that in a dedicated post later this week including officially announcing the launch date.  Of course, all of this has kept your girl busy! However, I learned so much from my unexpected and impromptu hiatus.  I realized how much I absolutely love what I do here and how Pinkklipstick and Blank Wardrobe are necessities in my life.  Miss y’all!

Anyway, I said I would not make this a long post.  Thank y’all for your support and for your patience.  We are back to our regular posts, however, Pinkklipstick will be undergoing a transition as well over the next couple of months…no worries, we’re not going anywhere, we’re only going to get better.

In the meantime, enjoy some of these shots of a typical errand outfit that I like to rock that we shot right before Hurricane Irma made her way to Atlanta.

What I wore – Shirt: H&M, Jeans: Express, Shoes: Target, Backpack: c/o Vera Bradley


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