Pantene Gold Series First Impressions

I am starting to love to try different hair products.  Specifically those that cater to naturally curly hair and there are a lot of products out there! Pantene has always been a brand that has been a staple in my hair care routine since I was little.  My mom loved her some Pantene and I do too.  Pantene is one of those drugstore brands that you can always rely on to get your ‘do’ together at a reasonable price.  So, when they came out with their Gold Series – I was all in.  The Gold Series is catered to us natural curly girls and is sulfate, paraben, and dye free.  Oh, and it’s infused with argan oil.

So, what did you get from the line?

I got the leave on detangling milk, moisture boost conditioner, and the intense hydrating oil.  The detangling milk is probably my favorite.  It’s super light and moisturizes my hair while it helps to detangle my curls after a wash and deep conditioning session.  I love using this detangling milk as part of the L.O.C. method in my hair care routine.  The intense hydrating oil is a strong second and definitely will be repurchased.  It’s thick and my hair shines in 3D it seems with this stuff. Now, honestly, the verdict is still out on the conditioner, it’s good, but I haven’t noticed anything groundbreaking about it in terms of conditioners.

Would you recommend it?

Yes, I think it’s a great line for natural girls at a reasonable price.  In terms of drugstore hair care products it would be one that I purchased again.  My hair seems moisturized and shiny after using.  I will say that, I’ve been using it over the last three weeks and I’ve noticed a decrease in shedding and my hair appears healthy overall.




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