Wearing Denim on Denim + Anxiety

When I started my unapologetic journey a couple of years ago, I didn’t really disclose the driving force behind why I started that journey. Fast forward several years and I’m ready to share that driving force. Anxiety. Full disclosure: I had developed anxiety. Now, honestly, I’ve always had a little anxiety. My mom would always say I worried too much, but as I got older and got my degrees, I knew exactly what it was. However, I’m a believer of mental illnesses being on a spectrum. We all experience anxiety, depression, even some paranoia and psychosis (depending on the sitch) here and there, but it becomes problematic when it starts to affect your daily life. Since I’m pretty new to this opening up thing on my platform, we’ll revisit anxiety as I get more comfortable with disclosing details, etc. Bear with me.



But like I was saying, my unapologetic journey has been so sweet. I’ve had some set backs and uncomfortable situations because of my new found acceptance of just being fully myself (no filter), but overall it’s been bomb y’all. There’s something so freeing about just not giving a fuck because you realize that you are perfect just the way you are, flaws and all. And no, there’s a difference between not giving a fuck when it comes to judgement from others, and not giving a fuck when it comes to being careless; the former is the type of not giving a fuck I’m talking about. Like I said, I still have a lot that I’m working on when it comes to my accceptance of me, my past and present, and my journey, but I’ve come a long way.

I’m sharing this with you all because my goal with my platform is to help others. Maybe through my experiences you’re able to avoid certain things or pick up a gem or two. For now, I hope that you were able to take one step closer to being yourself, unapologetically. Allowing your imperfections to be what they are and not apologize for them. I feel like once we’re able to get to that place where we are in full acceptance of who we truly are, we are allowing the light that God created us with to shine brightly onto others that may need it.

Style break – denim on denim is a classic but trendy way to rock denim top to bottom. The only matching required here is that the denims complement one another. And, if you’re looking to flatter certain areas, remember that lighter denim highlights certain features while darker denim creates a slimming effect.

What I wore: Top – Zara for Men (similar), Jeans – Levi’s (similar), Pumps – JustFab (similar), Bag: French Connection

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