What’s in My Vera Bradley Big Sky Backpack? #pinkklipstick

Don’t see the video above? Click here: https://youtu.be/CBEHbHEdeUM 

Check out this video of ‘What’s in my bag’ featuring the Big Sky Backpack c/o Vera Bradley! I love these videos because you get to see some pretty nice bags, but you also get a taste of a person’s personality from what they carry in their bag.  I change bags everyday just about; for work and for everyday.  When I’m not carrying my Pinkklipstick tote during the day, I am carrying my Vera Bradley Big Sky Backpack.  This backpack is an instant fave, especially for fall.  This is probably the first time that I’d admit saying that I cannot wait to see this bag age – the patina that it will naturally get with wear is going to look AMAZING!

Like the bag and want to pick one up? Check it out here: bit.ly/2cpgT4Obit.ly/ or click the picture below.

Camera: Sony a5100
Video production: Adobe Premiere Pro

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