Two-piece Sets for Spring and Finding Stability in Entrepreneurship

There’s nothing really stable about being a dream chaser. More specifically, many entrepreneurs will tell you how unstable it feels when you are just starting to execute/realize your dream or idea into the world. And of course, when you add in having other responsibilities, whether it’s a full time job, family, or a spouse it’s even more of a struggle as you deal with some of the instabilities there while trying to make it somewhat balanced because you crave balance, at least somewhere.

What I’m trying to come to terms with is the uncomfortable and being unstable. Partly because I have to if I’m going to survive this journey, but overall because having faith in something and in your life generally feels similar because having faith requires you to feel comfortable and secure with the unknown. It requires you to believe and trust in something that you can’t see and that you can’t necessarily plan for. Perhaps, that’s my lesson through all of this.

What are you leaning on faith for? How do you make that feeling that initially comes with trusting faith be something that is your comfort and stability?

Style minute

Two piece sets are kind of my favorite these days. They make getting dressed and matching super easy because they come assembled and all you have to do is add your favorite accessories to make the look yours. This two piece set is from BLANK Wardrobe and is one of my favorite midi pencil skirt sets because of how comfortable it is. I’m wearing a size small in this set and was nervous about how tight it would be, especially around my boob area (cause those things are big!) but the material gave enough stretch without feeling or looking cheap. This set is definitely for my curvy girls because you get the stretch where you need it without losing the structure of the garment.

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