Trending: How will you rock your Polka Dots this season?

Polka Dots are and have been a sure-fire feminine classic since the beginning of time. Well, I don’t know if it was since the beginning of time, but you get what I’m saying – they’ve been around for a long while. Recently, polka dots have gone from just being a classic print to being super trendy. Designers have gone crazy with polka dots the last couple of seasons incorporating them into almost any trendy garment that they create and having them sashayed down runways season after season. 

So, how do you wear this print and not feel like Minnie Mouse? No shade to Minnie, but how do you keep polka dots classic, edgy, and trendy at the same time? Check out these five ways to rock polka dots season after season.

  • Be bold. Wear polka dots head to toe in a co-ord set or jumpsuit. Like I did below. This maintains the classic feel of polka dots with the necessary edge that we love.
  • Toughen polka dots up. Add bold and edgy accessories to your polka dots looks to make the ultra feminine print bold and edgy.
  • Ensure that they’re classic and trendy. Make sure your polka dot favorites are classic, but on trend by keeping your garments and ensembles in classic cuts and shapes with a slight trend to them. So, a cropped button down, an A-line skirt, or an off-the-shoulder top.
  • Add color. While we’re a fan of classic black and white polka dots, colorful ones are “a go” as well. 
  • Not ready for full blown polka dots yet. Slowly add polka dots into your wardrobe with accessories: headbands, shoes, belts, or scarves are perfect ways to subtly add them to your outfits here and there.

How will you add polka dots to your wardrobe? Sound off in the comments!

What I wore: Top & Bottoms – BLANK Wardrobe, Purse: F&W Style, Shoes: JustFab (similar)

polka dot two piece set
polka dot two piece set
polka dot two piece set
polka dot two piece set
polka dot two piece set

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  1. Nice post and outstanding pics, Venus! #BoldIndeed

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