Trend Report: Varsity Jackets (Michigan Football)

Not that they went anywhere or anything:  Classics like bombers, parkas, trench coats, and varsity jackets stick around, but wax and wane on their trendy factor.  These fall jacket staples should be a mainstay in your wardrobe, so I would not recommend trading them in because they may not be the most trendy at the moment – go ahead and push that thang to the back of your closet to bring out at a later date because it will be trendy again!  Unless, of course, you are a rebel like me, go ahead and wear it whether it’s trendy at the moment or not!

I picked up my varsity jacket years ago when Victoria’s Secret had just recently released their collegiate line via Pink.  I walked into V. Secret and was in awe when I saw my alma mater’s brand all over this bomb varsity jacket – of course, I had to have it!

If you are not into actually wearing your alma mater’s brand or any team that you may be a fan of, no worries, there is a myriad of options that you can choose from: some are super casual and some are kinda fancy.

How to Wear it Unapologetically

Below, #tbt to that time I styled my varsity jacket with distressed jeans.  These jackets of course, look amazing with jeans and a t-shirt.  I can’t wait to style it again this fall in other ways.  I’ve seen varsity jackets paired with dresses, skirts and shorts.  I think the only rule when wearing your varsity jacket is to be sure that the fit is ‘on’.  These jackets can go from cute to frumpy, real quick.  Also, I don’t know how formal and dressed up you can get with varsity jackets – I’d keep these for more casual moments, not necessarily your dress to impress moments.

What I Wore – Varsity Jacket: Victoria’s Secret, Jeans: Express, Bag: Target, Shoes: Target, Shirt: Target


varsity jacketsvarsity jackets 1


Check out some of my favorites!

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