Trend Report: Mules

There are several fashion statements from the past that are back trending for 2017.  I’m happy about some and then there are some others that I am not so sure about.  One of those is wearing Mules.  Now, mules were trending back in the fall of 2016 and they aren’t going anywhere.

In case you all don’t know what Mules are, they are kind of like sling backs without the strap in the back.  So, your heel is out, completely and quite honestly, it makes your feet/shoes look a bit ‘off’.  The mules that are trending currently are made with chic materials and colors.  This is the type of mule I think I may be able to try.

What do you all think of the mule craze? Should we have left these back in 2016? While you decide check out some of the mules I’d try below.



Trending: Mules



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