Trend Report: How to Wear a Long Winter Coat

One of the trends that I have been loving this season has been wearing long wool coats.  The longer they are, the better, to me.  This look is not necessarily new, which is why I love this trend.  Long wool coats can be trendy and classic at the same time.  Definitely a staple and if you are looking for an item to splurge on, a long wool coat would fit the bill.


How to Wear It

There are so many ways to wear these coats! I would base how I wear this type of coat with the weather.  The colder it is, the more layers you’d want to add and if it is warmer you can wear your coat more as a topper and accessory to your overall look.  Below, the weather was a bit warm, so I wore my coat as a topper and as a third piece to my overall look.  Underneath the coat I wore a tank top and faux leather leggings.  To round out my look, I wore my utilitarian style booties and fringe purse to soften the look a bit.


What I Wore – Coat:, Top: Old Navy, Leggings: H&M, Booties: JustFab (similar), Purse: JustFab, Sunglasses: Target (similar)


long_coat long_coat-4 long_coat-5 long_coat-6 long_coat-7

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  1. Incredible post, Venus! You are slaying it! LOL First and foremost the long coat is beautiful. I think the length adds just a little drama and class! Also, the army green / black color combo is on point. I am a huge fan of fringe and love the tote. Yes, I will be getting that coat sooon! Keep up the terrific posts!

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