Trend Report: Gladiator Sandals

Not a new trend, but certainly a trend that is standing the test of time, the Gladiator sandal has been re-purposed into different designs that has made this type of sandal even more appealing to a broader audience. You know that I am a proponent for incorporating trends that are versatile and fluid into your wardrobe so that they are appropriate for multiple occasions. This is especially true when you decide to splurge on a trend.


I love the gladiator trend because it has the right amount of being eclectic and classic depending on their design. The knee high gladiators are certainly more on the eclectic side of things and appeal to my bohemian side perfectly. If you are not ready to embrace to knee high varieties, you can certainly start off with the more tradition ankle high sandals. These are great with maxi dresses and jeans as well, where as the knee high gladiators are more appropriate with skirts, dresses, and shorts – anything that bares your legs! The newest detail of this trend has been adding a heel to knee high gladiators to up the chic appeal of this shoe, which we can all appreciate.


Check out some of my favorites below in this weeks trend report. Remember you can totally shop these trend reports; its encouraged!


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Gladiator Sandals


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