Trend Report: Chunky Heels

As you all know by now, I am not a shoe girl.  Recently, with the help of JustFab, I’ve upgraded my shoe game and can bring out some heavy hitters when appropriate.  Usually though, I can be seen rocking a mean flat.  However, when I do decide to wear a heel, I tend to favor the 5inch and better variety.  My feet and my lack of coordination though prefer flats or 3-4 inch heels.  The perfect in between for me has been a wider and more substantial heel than a stiletto.  So, when chunky-platformed and super tall heels hit the map for this spring, I was ready to get every color, shape and texture!


Chunky heels are generally more comfortable and easier to walk in while giving you extreme height.  These heels come in a variety of shapes as well; chunky does not necessarily mean bulky; a chunky heel can certainly be sleek and light.  I love wearing them with with jeans and dresses, but they can be paired with just about anything that a stiletto can be paired with. A chunky heel does wonders when paired with the ever so trendy flared jeans. I have a couple of pair that have been in constant rotation even before they became trendy and I can be found wearing them in the winter and fall as well.


Check out some of my favorites in the collage above!


Collage details Paul Andrew, $1,025 / Ivy Kirzhner, $550 / GUESS, $110 / Rampage, $49 / Calvin Klein, $90 / Charlotte Russe retro shoes, $36  / Charlotte Russe cork sandals, $43 / Topshop, $85 / Prada black buckle shoes, $750


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  1. Very nice, Venus! I loooove the Prada and Guess heels. I recently bought some chunky heels, neutral and loooove it. It is a balancing act bug goes great with ny outfits. Keep up the cool posts.

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