Transition Your Skin Care Routine from Summer to Fall

With the weather getting cooler and dryer in the fall, transitioning your skin care routine from what you used to do for your summer routine is essential. The key to a great fall skincare routine is moisturizing and protecting your skin from the environment along with upping your pampering since you can use certain products that you weren’t able to use in the summer because of how they react in the sun (i.e. retinol).

Here is a quick list to help you adjust your skincare routine for fall:

  1. Use heavier moisturizers with ceramides and hylaronic acid
  2. Use creamier cleansers
  3. Add a hydrating serum
  4. It’s OK to use a moisturizing toner everyday
  5. Use a humidifer
  6. Don’t forget about your SPF
  7. It’s time to use more anti-aging products such as retinols

Some of my fall favorites…

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