Top Fragrances for the Fall and Beyond featuring Bond No. 9

As I’ve grown older I can finally say that I know pretty much what I want to smell like.  I’ve also been able to nail down my favorite brands.  No longer am I hoarding several fragrances from several brands that all smell different.  A self-proclaimed perfume whore, I’m reformed!

Over the last couple of years, I’ve found that I’ve gravitated to more androgynous, fresh, and clean scents.  I love how refreshing and how although they can be subtle, they make a statement.  I feel that your fragrance should be your personality a bit.  That when people smell your fragrance that they immediately say, “This smells just like you!”

So, What’s my fragrance?

You all know that I fell in love with Elizabeth and James Nirvana White by Mary Kate and Ashley Olson.  While I still keep this in my rotation, I’ve upgraded slightly and have landed on Bond No. 9’s Hamptons and Liberty Island.  A couple of the things that I immediately love about these scents is that they are very refreshing and light.

Liberty Island was created this past summer to celebrate the statue of liberty and in general, freedom.  It has notes of bergamot essence, mandarin essence, blackcurrant, orange blossom absolute, jasmin, marshmallow, and musk.  The note that stands out to me most is the orange blossom – which I love!

Hamptons smells like money to me.  I can’t really describe what that smells like – it just does.  The name fits it perfectly.  It has a very mild floral scent with notes of lime blossom, bergamot, white jasmine, magnolia, amber, and sandalwood.  If you are looking for a unisex scent, this is the perfect one!

What’s your favorite scent of all time? What are you wearing this fall?



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