Top 5 Concealer Tips & Tricks

When I started off my beauty enthusiast journey, I just grabbed items that I thought were ‘right’.  I mean, everyone needed to have mascara, foundation, concealer, and lipstick, right? Mascara, foundation, and lipstick were fairly obvious in terms of why and how to use, but concealer was a bit tricky for me.  I remember adding concealer under my eyes just because that is what I saw people do, but I didn’t really know why I needed to do that.

Fast forward to being fairly knowledgeable with makeup, I not only know why I need concealer in my kit, but I also know some great hacks and tricks on how to use concealer to make your ‘beat’ fabulous! Check out my top 5 hacks and uses for concealer below.



Some 0f my favorites are the L.A. Girl PRO.conceal and NYX. I’m trying the L.A. Colors one – so far it’s OK.


Top 5 beauty hacks using concealer:

  1. Highlight/Contour Concealer is an absolute must when highlighting and contouring.  Use a bit of concealer (one to two shades lighter than your natural skin tone) slightly below the hollows of your cheeks, down the bridge of your nose, under your eyes, and on the sides of your nose and you are in highlighting and contouring heaven.  Please do not deny the slimming power of concealer to chisel that face to perfection.
  2. Conceal Imperfections One of the basic uses of concealer is obviously to hide imperfections.  This includes under eye circles, scars, and pimples. Super Tip: Use your concealer over foundation so that you don’t have to use too much concealer and it can actually conceal your imperfections.  Sometimes using it first can cause you to swipe it all away.
  3. Fix Mistakes One of the fun things about makeup is that nothing is permanent and everything goes.  Your winged out eyeliner ain’t sitting quite right? Cool.  Take concealer and a small concealer brush or Q-Tip and clean up and sharpen your liner for a perfect cat eye.  Mascara on your nose? Thats OK. Take concealer and lightly go over it and blend it out.
  4. Lipstick Enhancer/Liner Wearing bold lipstick is ‘it’ this season and proper application is important to preserve your slay.  Before applying your lipstick, place concealer on the outer edge of your lips to create a barrier and use as liner to prevent bleeding and increase staying power.  Use concealer after applying your lipstick to clean up where you may have got too excited when applying your lipstick.
  5. Eyebrow Snatcher I rarely do my eyebrows without highlighting and cleaning them up with concealer.  After using your favorite eyebrow pencil, cream, or powder (a post on my favorites coming up soon), take your concealer and trace the line of your eyebrows, top and bottom, to enhance the line, and clean up any errors that you may have made.  Finally, blend concealer out with your finger or a fluffy brush – this part is super important, you don’t want to be one of those people who have a light line around their eyebrows.

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