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The easiest way to look effortlessly chic in the summer time is to grab a pair of denim shorts, a tank top, and finish your look off with your favorite duster. Of course, you can layer your duster over just about anything depending on the look you’re going for, but for some reason layering a duster over something as simple as denim shorts and a tank creates the most effortless yet pulled together look.

A couple of weekends ago my cousin came into town and we decided to do Sunday Brunch. First of all, Sunday Brunch or Sunday Funday is definitely a thing, especially in the south. I felt like when I was up north we didn’t do much in the way of brunch. We’ve been eating pretty clean lately so I knew for a fact that I wanted to eat what I wanted at brunch so I knew I had to wear an outfit that was going to be cool, stylish and comfortable.

Do y’all remember the big sale that Zara had several weeks ago? Well, your girl went and picked up several pieces including the duster that I wore for brunch. On the website, this duster came with a matching pair of pants, but of course someone picked up the pants on their own leaving me with just the duster. I was ok with it because I knew that I could do SO much with the duster on it’s own including wearing it as a dress (stay tuned for this look).

I decided to pair my duster with denim shorts, a tank top, my BLANK Wardrobe bamboo bag, and simple sandals to keep the duster as the main feature of my look.

Have you all gotten into dusters or kimonos this summer? How are you rocking them?

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  1. Awesome pics, Venus! I loove the duster and I can not wait to see you wear it as a dress. Keep up the creative and fashionable posts!

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