The Most Flattering Pants in Your Closet: Wide-legged Cropped Pants

Wide-legged cropped pants are some of my most flattering pants that I have in my closet. However, I do have this weird love-hate relationship with these pants. When they were in the form of gauchos, I loved them. When they were in the form of cropped flares, I hated them. And now, as this weird cropped palazzo pants look, I love them again. Obviously, the more exaggerated or flow that I have with these pants, the more likely that I will like them.

So, what makes them flattering? They have a way of making you look slimmer. In order to make sure this happens for you, you need to make sure that the cut and where they hit you on your leg works. When your cropped pants hit you a little after your calf, right at your ankle, and they are high-waisted you’re talking about waist being snatched illusion perfection. Also, the wider that they are and the more flow that the fabric has creates an effortless elegance that will catch anyone’s attention. When I wore the wide-legged cropped pants below, I got stopped several times and even had one of my most awkward compliments from a young man…while I was with Alfred. No worries there though since I think I was an exception to what he would normally be attracted to, if you know what I mean. 🙂 It was fun times for sure and he made a WHOLE scene that got the attention of most of the people in front of the store.

Do you own a pair of wide-legged cropped pants? How are you rocking them these days?

What I wore: Shirt – H&M, Pants – Zara (similar), Shoes – Target, Bag – BLANK Wardrobe


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  1. Looove this look Venus! I have a tie waist denim crop pant that I will be unleashing this Fall! Your styling is impeccable and show a lot of comfort. The outfit is perfect for those hot Summer days.

    Keep up the sensational posts!

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