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F&W Style Sade Mini Bag Kickstarter

Supporting other women in business is something that I feel is absolutely necessary for all women entrepreneurs.  It can be tough for women entrepreneurs especially at the start of their businesses, so they can use all the support that they can get! So, of course…

Clutches & Tweeds

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Totes & Tweeds, I wore an office appropriate outfit that can be transitioned to happy hour by subtly adding different accessories and making slight adjustments.  Being able to transition office attire for happy hour is essential in today’s fast…

Totes & Tweeds

There are many times where we find ourselves running from our 9 to 5 to a happy hour, or a social or networking event.  These situations almost always cause for last minute scrambles of putting together an outfit and touching up your make-up and hair…