Tabata Training

Tabata is a Japanese form of HIIT training with proven results.  The workout consist of 20 seconds of rigorous activity and 10 seconds of rest for a total of four minutes.  Tabata training entails both aerobic and anaerobic training.  You can build muscle, burn fat, and improve the cardiovascular system at the same time.  This workout is attractive to a lot of people, because it can easily fit into a busy schedule.  Furthermore, there are various types of exercises that can be done during your Tabata training regimen.



Tabata training simply involves alternating from 20 seconds of rigorous activity to 10 second  rest intervals, so many different types of exercises can be done.  There are the traditional military exercises such as pushups, burpees, and sit ups, but you can also get creative.  For people who find it hard to stay motivated with traditional exercises, some people even incorporate dance.  Youtube is an excellent source where you can find different types of Tabata training.  The most important thing is to make sure the 20 second interval is rigorous.






Overall Tabata has several great benefits.  Even though the time spent working out is physically demanding, Tabata training doesn’t require much time.  The physical demands of this type of training enables the body to burn fat even after your workout.  Thus getting the effects of traditional training that would normally last much longer than four minutes.  Flexibility is another great reason to utilize this method of training.  Even the busiest person has four minutes at their disposal, and  Tabata can be done just about anywhere; including at home or on vacation.

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