Sweater Dresses are Pretty Cool

Listen. I love sweater dresses. A good sweater dress situation in the fall and winter are a definite ‘do’ to round out your wardrobe. Sweater dresses come in various lengths, styles, colors, and textures which makes them functional and stylish. Remember, we don’t believe in sacrificing style for being warm around here. That’s an absolute ‘don’t’ in my book.

What’s funny is that when I was younger up to my early twenties, I always looked at sweater dresses as being stiff and boring. It was something that you’d wear to church or to the office, surely, you couldn’t dress it down, wear it everyday or out for drinks with friends. But boy was my style game immature and not cultivated. Nowadays, I try to add one or two sweater dresses to my round up each fall season to prep for the cooler months of fall and winter.

Wear it unapologetically

This sweater dress from BLANK Wardrobe is not only my fave, but y’all liked it too (we only have one left). The length, the fit, the texture, and the small bell sleeve make this dress fab on so many levels. You can dress her up or down – but you already knew that before I said it. I decided to dress this look down with my Adidas sneakers and faux leather baseball cap and added a bit of extra with my faux fur vest. The faux fur vest adds so much additional texture to the look without overpowering the texture of the actual dress. But I can’t wait to dress her up with a heel or boot before the season changes.

What I wore – Dress: BLANK Wardrobe, Shoes: Adidas, Vest: H&M (similar), Hat: Target, Backpack: c/o Vera Bradley

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