#SupportSmallBusiness: Attend Heels & Headshots for Networking and Personal Development

This week has been all about supporting small businesses for me, especially those led by women. As I mentioned in my last post, it’s hard out here for female entrepreneurs, so support is very important. One of the great things about living in Atlanta and being a small business owner is that you get to meet and work with incredible established and up and coming women entrepreneurs; in fact, if you wanted to attend a networking event, conference, or pop up shop (I’ll see y’all this Saturday) every weekend you most certainly could.

One of those events is the Heels & Headshots event taking place on Saturday, November 18th in Atlanta. This event is all about networking and learning how to develop your personal brand. If you’re an entrepreneur or career woman looking to learn how to refine your image and use it to leverage your opportunities for success, then this event is or you. The event will give you access to FREE workshops that talk about career advancement, wealth-building, wardrobe styling and social media branding. I mean you can’t miss an event like this!

Get more information and your tickets today through November 15th at!

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