Style Files: Restyling Old Favorites



We all have gone into our closet and thought, “I have nothing to wear, I need to go shopping!”. While I am not one to necessarily discourage you to starve your desire for shopping, I also love the challenge of looking in my closet and “remixing” my tried and true favorites into new creations. One week as a challenge to myself I wore the same essential white button up shirt three times (yes I washed it!!!), but paired it with different slacks, accessories, and shoes. I always have people telling me that I have “a lot of clothes”, which is not necessarily true.

For my friend, Mike, I wanted to style him without shopping; going in his closet and finding his favorite pieces. The focus here was to style his favorite pieces in a way that was different than how he had worn them before. We kept his shoes and jeans the same, while just swapping out his shirt and some accessories.

Sidebar: When restyling old favorites, accessories are a must! When building your wardrobe, I think it is essential to start out with classic pieces while adding trendier items here and there and building up your accessory game. It is absolutely amazing to see how just adding a necklace and hat can completely change an outfit.

Check out the video and photos below!








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