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Start Your Day Off Right With a “Clean Breakfast”

We want to lose weight and live a healthier life, but we just don’t know where to start.  Most of the time we decide not to eat anything at all to avoid eating unhealthy foods, but this is the worst decision you can make.  With little to no activity our body goes into starvation mode and we end up holding on to the extra pounds that we intended to shed.  Then at some point we must satisfy our hunger by eating something that is incredibly high in calories.  The best way to combat your eating woes is to start off your day with a clean and healthy breakfast.


A clean and healthy breakfast puts us on the right track to satisfying hunger and providing our bodies with the nutrients it needs for you to face your day head on, without the empty calories. The types of foods we eat play a major role in our energy levels throughout the day.  This is why we feel so sluggish and tired after a big greasy breakfast.  A good breakfast to start off your day would be a bowl of a 100% Natural whole grain quaker oats, eggs, and fruit.  To add a little bit of flavor I often add fruit, nuts, cinnamon, and or honey to my oatmeal.  When I start my day off with a good breakfast I feel more energized and alert.  At the end of the day, deciding what and what not to put in your body is a very serious matter.  A little planning now can prevent various health related issues in years to come.

We are going to start sharing more healthy eating and fitness tips on weekly.  Let us know what you want to learn more about!

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