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Spice Up Your Workout With A Little Tech

Want to spice things up in the gym? Your workout does not have to be dull and boring. We know it can be very difficult to stay committed to a gym regimen that in-tales running in place while thinking of the countless things we’d rather be doing. So why not explore some of the benefits of incorporating tech to your workout regimen.

A good way of staying focused and motivated is to reward ourselves! There are several fitness gadgets and apps that we can use for inspiration. Nike plus is a great workout app that can be used to monitor your progress for runs, track calories burned, compete with your friends, and receive support from friends within the nike plus community. You can reach new milestones and unlock levels while receiving trophies for achieving goals. My wife and I often challenge friends and family, and get into serious competitions with other runners. I absolutely love this app and I pair it with my Garmin forerunner 220 for a more accurate calorie count.


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I recently purchased the Garmin forerunner 220 as opposed to the new apple watch. I chose this watch because Garmin is the absolute best when it comes to recording data from your runs accurately, because everyone knows that there is nothing like showing up on race day to find out that we aren’t as prepared as we thought we were. This particular model syncs your runs to your smart phone immediately upon finishing your workout, so I can immediately notify my friends and family every step of the way as I make progress along my fitness journey thru social media. Garmin has also partnered with nike, so all of your running data can be used with their app as well.

Up for a challenge? Follow me on the Nike plus site, my Nike ID is veilgriot.

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  1. Wow Venus, this looks super cool and very interactive. I totally gotta try this. Thanks so much and keep up the excellent posts!

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