Should you try the Garnier Fructis 1 Minute Hair Mask?

My hair has a tendency to be super dry, especially if I don’t moisturize it properly. When it’s moisturized my hair cooperates, but when it’s not, Im in trouble. So, I’m always looking for conditioners and hair products in general that focus in on moisturizing my hair. When I saw the ads for the Garnier Fructis 1 Minute Hair Mask, I was super intrigued. Especially by the smoothing treat that has avocado extract in it. Something that will moisturize and smooth my hair made with avocados? Let’s give it a try!

The Quick and Dirty

What it is and what it does: It’s a 1 minute hair mask made of avocado extract that you can use in three ways: as a mask, as a conditioner, or as a leave-in conditioner.

Active Ingredients: The avocado extract is the active ingredient, but it is also a vegan based formula (no animal derived ingredients or by-products), no silicones, parabens, or artificial colorants.

Claims: This product claims to smooth your frizz and soften your hair.

What I liked: Well, the smell was amazing! It’s a sweet, but not overpowering smell. I loved how thick this mask was; a little goes a LONG way with this one. My hair is thick and I still had some left compared to how small the jar is. I also liked how my hair felt after using it. My hair felt soft, moisturized and my frizz has been noticeably reduced.

Price: You’ll drop about $2.99 for this gem depending on where you go. MSRP from Garnier is $4.49. I got mine from Walmart.

Is it worth it: Yes! I loved my experience with the avocado masks and had a feeling that I would so I picked up a couple more: the strengthening treat and the nourishing treat. I really don’t have anything negative to say about these masks. I love how versatile they are, so you can definitely try them in different ways to meet your needs. I also love the price…you can’t beat it for a good quality mask.

Want to try for yourself, shop it by clicking on it’s picture below!

garnier fructis 1 minute mask avocado

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