Self-Care with Happy Girl Glow

Y’all know that I’m for all things that promote self-care. Although, admittedly I don’t always do the best at practicing self-care, I understand the importance of establishing good habits to make sure that while you are chasing and accomplishing your dreams that you are taking care of yourself. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup so make sure your cup runneth over, boo. is a platform that focuses on creating a community and space for women to practice self-care, easily and often. Along with the platform, women are also able to enjoy a subscription box that Shae Sterling, the creator of has made available to “assist with in reclaiming their time without forfeiting their health in the process.”

The Happy Girl Glow box is full of all natural organic items that promote self-care while glowing from within. My box included 3 items: Meyers Clean Day Room Freshner, You are a Badass Talking Button with five empowerment phrases and a Hyaluronic Acid facial oil by Measurable Difference. The products seem to be hand selected, but randomized so that you can hopefully try new items and brands.

I loved all of the items in my box, especially the You are a Badass Talking Button – talk about getting a quick jolt of verbal encouragement and empowerment. I’m here for it! Beyond the subscription box, I love the idea behind the brand: encouraging women to make having a better life their priority. I’m soooo here for that! The subscription box is $39.99 per box and definitely worth it!

Do you practice self-care? What do you all think about Happy Girl Glow? Will you be grabbing a box?


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