Lip Care: Protect Your Lips This Winter

We all know that you have to change your skin care regimen for the cooler months of winter.  But what about your lips? Yes, you need to switch up your lip care game in the winter as well.  The cold weather can be brutal to your lips.  Be prepared to experience chapped, dry, and cracked lips if you do not take the necessary steps to care for them.  So, how do you keep your lips in tip top shape so that you can slay your favorite matte lippie in the winter?


Get your lips ready for being moisturized by making sure that you are hydrated (drink that H2O!)

Exfoliate when needed – use your favorite lip scrub or make your own to rid your lips of dry skin and smooth those bad boys out.


Grab your favorite lip balm or lip oil to moisturize lips.  Now that your lips are exfoliated they are ready to soak in all of the moisture that you are going to give them.  Coconut oil, especially as part of your night time regimen is a great way to moisturize your lips, naturally.


Just because the sun may not make its appearance on a regular basis, he is still there and holding up the wall real strong at the party.  So be sure to protect your lips with an SPF.  Many lip balms have SPF so you should be covered there.  This is especially true if you are planning to be outside for an extended period of time.

Go ahead and take these gems: You should definitely moisturize throughout the day, but power up at night.  I like to use my lip oils at night before I head to bed so that the oil can seep down into my skin without much disturbance from me licking my lips or talking.

Products that I love to whip my lips into shape:

Palmers Lip Balm

e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator

Yes to Coconuts Cooling Lip Oil

Pixi LipLift Max

Homemade Lip Honey & Vanilla Lip Scrub

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