Please, leave these trends in 2015

There are certain trends that popped up really quickly last year that I’d rather see leave as quickly as they came.  While I am a fan of expressing yourself through your fashions, there are some things that just don’t not work.  And before you think I am biased, I have had my fair share of fashion faux pas moments that kind of make me an expert on trends to ditch.
So with that being Let’s jump right in.




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Leggings as Pants – at no time is it EVER appropriate to wear leggings as pants.  Leggings are undergarments and are made to be used when layering.  This is the reason why many of them are thin and do not offer the support and coverage as pants.  When wearing leggings be sure that the top, dress, or skirt that you wear with it offers enough coverage for your…regions.


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Platform Flats – I just can’t get into these.  I’ve seen them semi-work on the runways and fashionistas in general, but they are still a bit obnoxious to me.  Either you want to do a heel or a flat, a wedge or not.  Let’s not combine the two, they are meant to be separate.  Let’s keep them that way.



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Cropped Flared Pants – I’ve tried to like these because I love flares and cropped pants.  I also love culottes, so I really wanted to like these.  My biggest angst with these are the fitted variety of these; tapered at the thighs and then flared at the calf.  It gives off an awkward proportion to me with the flare and where it cuts off at the calf.  Just go with culottes for a more flattering look.



Credit – Roe Style


Bodysuits as Outfits – This kind of follows the rules as leggings.  While Nicki pulls it off the best that I have seen it done, I still can’t get with wear body suits alone as outfits.


What trends do you want to see left behind in 2015?

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  1. Funny post, Venus : ) I agree with wearing your leggings as pants as a trend that needs to be done away. A trend that I would like to see dismissed is wearing your cardi backwards. It looks slightly awkward and sloppy from the back, in my opinion. Keep up the dynamic posts!

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