Pinkklipstick Spring Lookbook: Deconstructed Shirt Dress

Wearing a shirt dress is one of the first fashion signs that spring has arrived.  Shirt dresses are one of the most flattering dresses to own no matter what body shape you have.  If you don’t have one in your wardrobe, you need to get one, two, or maybe three for this season!

This season, you can find more than just your standard shirt dress. Shirt dresses are deconstructed and asymmetrical these days and I love it. You get to play with this typically classic piece in your wardrobe to make it feel a bit edgy. This adds personality and a bit of flare. And we love flare every now and then. Right?

For the final look in the Pinkklipstick Spring Lookbook I picked up this deconstructed and asymmetrical two-piece skirt set that feels like a shirt dress from Lavish Alice.  The top is cropped and ties on the side to create a wrapped appearance. The skirt portion has sewn on buttons to make it appear as though you buttoned it up.  This ‘shirt dress’ has a ton of personality, but still holds that classic feel to it because of the color and the shape. With this skirt being short, I decided to wear loafers with this look to tone it down for day wear and just in general.  Finally, I added my favorite bucket bag to add to the casual feel of the outfit.

Not very versatile, but we can work with it!

While this outfit is not the most versatile, you can wear the pieces separately to create a different look or layer with jackets and blazers for a different feel. That’s the beauty of pieces like this, adding or removing accessories and third-pieces can change the feel to even the most standard outfit that isn’t inherently versatile.


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