pinkklipstick Review: WellKept Cleaning Services

I am a self-professed clean freak.  I love organization and believe that it is essential to getting ‘things’ done.  I feel my absolute best when my home is clean.  Unfortunately, my schedule doesn’t always allow for me to be able to deep clean as often as I’d like.  Alfred and I have toyed with the idea of hiring a cleaning service, but felt a bit silly spending $100s monthly for this convenience while we are trying to build our savings.


As the universe would have it, just when we almost threw in the towel and decided that we would do our best to alternate our chores to just get the job of cleaning our home done, we discovered WellKept.com.  WellKept.com is a cleaning service that offers á la carte cleaning services where you are charged just $15 dollars per room and you can add on additional items, such as cleaning the fridge or the oven for $15 as well.  I was immediately sold by the price and that I could choose just 1 or 2 rooms to clean for $15 each…I mean, so affordable, right? So, I hopped online, order my services and chose my preferred date and time.  The day before my service, I received a reminder, which was super helpful because I almost forgot!


What Happened on our Cleaning Day?

On the day of my cleaning service, my cleaner was on time and actually came early.  He came with all of his cleaning supplies and asked me where I wanted him to start.  I immediately told him to start in the bathroom because I knew that it was going to be the hardest.  I purposely did not give my bathroom a deep cleaning for about 2 weeks because I knew I’d have our cleaners coming and I wanted to really see how the service was.  After cleaning the bathroom, he begin on the baseboards in the hallway, dining area and living room.  He then dusted our living room and dining room, including our bar stools and dining set! I was blown away because I dust our bar stools and dining set occasionally…can you say every 4 to 6 months occasionally?  After dusting, he tackled the kitchen: stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, swept, and mopped.  I swear he washed a dish or two…I could totally be making this up, but it seemed like it!  For his final touches, he vacuumed, dusted our fireplace, and fluffed our pillows.


Side Note: Because Alfred and I are talkative and are generally silly, we asked him questions and he was so friendly and fit right into our world.  I don’t know about y’all, but beyond the financial components of having a cleaning service, having someone in your home cleaning up your dirt can feel awkward and super intimate.  Our cleaner was so personable while still doing his job that it made me relax a bit about having someone clean our home.  


Final Verdict

WellKept.com is super alright with me.  I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.  If you are looking for an affordable and good cleaning service, they are it!  Our home is so clean because of our cleaner’s attention to detail.  He even cleaned our stainless steel soap dish that was kind of yucky in the bathroom! I mean, come on…can you say super impressed? We will definitely be using this service on a regular basis.

If you are interested in WellKept, visit them here! If you have tried them, what was your experience like? Comment below!

I’ve included some after photos to show how neat everything was after our cleaner was done.


Wellkeptcleaningservice-3 Wellkeptcleaningservice-2 Wellkeptcleaningservice


Cleaning service provided c/o WellKept.com.  Opinions are my own.