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I’m a sucker for body scrubs and body butters…hell, any body products that I can use in the shower and directly after I shower.  I know weird.  But hey, I never claimed to be anything different.

Frank is an Australian beauty company that creates all-natural body scrubs and body balms.  First of all, the scrub smells amazing and the ingredients sound as good as they smell.  The scrubs have a combination of coffee grounds, almond and macadamia oils.  This assorted oils and coffee combo is said to be great for smoothing and treating some of our most annoying skin conditions, such as psoriasis.  Frank offers 4 different types of scrubs: original, peppermint, cacao, and coconut.  They all help to smooth and hydrate your skin, but each targets specific skin conditions.  For example,  the ‘cacao’ scrub is great for “unloved or aging skin,” as described on

While the scrub is great, the balm is a great contender and complement to the scrub.  The balm is a combination of coconut, grape seed, and sweet almond oil that provides great hydration and nutrients to tired and dry skin.  The balm is said to be great for stretch marks and cellulite as well and has a light-neutral scent overall.

I love using the scrub on my body as well as on my face.  The balm feels great and leaves my skin supple and hydrated after I shower.  I also use it after I wash dishes or anything that has my hands submerged in water for long periods of time.

Overall, Frank definitely gets the pinkklipstick seal of approval.  Get your Frank beauty on at


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  1. Nice post, Venus. I have not heard of Frank Body but your view sounds great. I lean more towards balms for their moisturizing properties. Keep up the good posts.

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