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pinkklipstick Out & About: #TOPSHOPXNORDSTROM Private Viewing @ Perimeter Mall

Over the last couple of years, British fast-fashion retailer, Topshop, has been making incredible moves to give its American consumer the street-fashion and runway inspired merchandise that we crave.  With having a couple of standalone stores in New York and recently Atlanta (Lenox Mall) and along with their partnership with Nordstrom, their intention on growing the accessibility of their merchandise is apparent.  The Nordstrom partnership occurred back in 2012 and has grown steadily across the United States.  Here in Georgia alone, the fashion gods have answered our prayers and delivered the standalone Topshop in Lenox as I mentioned above, along with the Topshop at Nordstrom in Phipps Plaza and in a couple of days, Nordstrom in Perimeter Mall.


Any fashionista/fashionisto that you run into can appreciate a nice Topshop piece and with the partnership with Nordstrom, can certainly enjoy the greater accessibility that they will have with the retailer.  I for one, appreciate the quality of the items that Topshop offers clothing and accessory wise.  This is worth mentioning because many fast fashion places will have the trends inspired by the runway available, but more often times than not will lack the quality.  And while you may hate the quality of your fast fashion piece, you grit your teeth and bare it because your pockets are not truly ready to drop what’s on that price tag of a Balmain blazer, for example.


I had the opportunity to visit the newest Topshop at Nordstrom addition here in Georgia in Nordstrom in Perimeter Mall this weekend and was blown away.  Not only was I blown away by the merchandise, but also the incredible staff, especially the Manager, Ashley.  The energy was amazing and attention to customer service made my experience even more special (thanks a ton Ashley!).  Now, this was not your ordinary viewing, this was a behind-the-scenes look at the items that they will be carrying once they officially launch later this week.


Upon our arrival, we were led to where they store all of the merchandise.  When I tell you all, I was in fashion heaven! There was Topshop everywhere and better than that, items I’d not seen at the standalone Topshop at Lenox! Ashley pulled enough pieces to fill up 2 racks for me to style and try on.  I could have stayed there forever, but I decided to spare her.


One of the pieces I pulled, an olive jumper (pictured below), was a standout piece to be sure.  You all know that I love versatility and this piece could definitely be styled in several ways for a different feel and look.  The quality was amazing! It was super soft and a piece that you could see yourself reaching for everyday. I pulled a couple other pieces that I styled below.  Of course, my brain was going a thousand miles an hour of how to style these pieces multiple ways; most of Topshop’s items can be worn in different ways and can certainly act as that “third piece” to some of your favorite outfits.  Once again, one of the things that stood out about the items at Topshop is the quality that you get at the price point.  With that being said, Topshop partnering with high-end and more conservative retailer, Nordstrom, makes sense because they share that common thread of quality in addition to exclusivity.


Overall, I enjoyed my time checking out the newest addition here in Georgia and have found another hotspot for my shopping needs.  Topshop at Nordstrom in Perimeter Mall will be available for your pleasure this Wednesday, April 29th on the second floor for Nordstrom.


In the meantime, check out some BTS action and me styling a few pieces from the Topshop at Nordstrom vault!


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  1. Nice post, Venus! Great shopping experience. I love the outfits especially the black sleevless vest. I want that blush clutch! Lol keep up the fabulous posts!

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