pinkklipstick Out & About: Kendra Scott Avalon Store Opening Luncheon

Last week I had the ultimate pleasure of attending the media preview luncheon for Kendra Scott’s Avalon store in Alpharetta, GA.  Let me first start off by saying that if you have not been to Avalon in Alpharetta, you are missing a treat.  It is like Atlantic Station, but ten times better! Kendra’s store fits in perfectly at Avalon, the storefront looks amazing and contemporary with Kendra’s signature aesthetics.  The bites were provided by Whole Foods, which is also located in Avalon, and we had champagne; they really know how to get down to the core of a blogger’s heart, right?


I had a chance to meet Kendra and was completely impressed.  She has such a great spirit and energy.  It truly matches the feeling that you get when you walk into one of her stores: there is a warmth and positivity there that makes you want to stay in the store or at least go there everyday if not to enjoy the jewelry alone, but to take in the energy.  We spoke about how she started Kendra Scott with a dream, passion and just $500.  We also talked about her expanding the brand in Georgia and across the United States.  Of course I had to immediately plug her putting a store in Michigan, Detroit or Ann Arbor – her choice, #goblue #importedfromdetroit.  I truly left the conversation inspired and feeling amazing.  She left me with a few nuggets of advice and compliments about my brand which is always appreciated.


As expected the store looks amazing and the jewelry looked incredible.  I see more Kendra Scott jewels in my collection’s future.


Check out some pics from the luncheon.  Please be advised that I did not have my photographer with me and I took these on my iPhone.



“What are you prepared to give for your dream? If it is not everything…stop pipe dreaming.” ― T.F. Hodge




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  1. Nice post, Venus! Sooo glad you had fun and got some great branding tips from Kendra. The store and merchandise are really nice as well. Wonderful pic with Kenda! Keep up the sensational posts and Happy Holidays!

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