pinkklipstick Beauty Review: e.l.f. Lip Stains

As you all are familiar with by now, I love a good ‘lippie’! At the moment, I have been loving matte lipsticks and stains. While I love the look that matte lipsticks and stains provide, I really love the fact that they are pretty low maintenance and last longer than their glossy and creamier cousins. Recently, while I was perusing the makeup aisle at Target (because you can’t just go into Target to get toilet tissue, the real reason why you’re there) I saw that e.l.f. had a pretty decent line of lip products: lip scrubs, primers, plumpers, glosses, lipsticks, and stains. I was drawn to their stains because I wanted to find a couple of dupes for cheap and e.l.f. is pretty good to find cheap, but good dupes.

I grabbed all of the colors from their stain line (I think?) at $2 each and am pretty impressed, especially with the red one.  Keep in mind, that some of these stains will look different on your lips depending on your natural lip color.  The lighter stains are not dense enough to completely change the color of your lips, but that is the point of most lip stains: to enhance your natural lip color.  Check out the way that they look on my lips below!


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berryblushBerry Blush

crimsoncrushCrimson Crush

nudenectarNude Nectar

pinkpetalPink Petal



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  1. Nice post, Venus. Your makeup looks flawless and simple for a good everyday look that is not fussy. I like the berry rush stain. E.L.F. also has pretty good brushes. Have you tried their lip brush? I bought their retractable one last week at Target lol Keep up the wonderful posts!

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