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After getting a taste of Atlanta Apparel through the Underground fashion show, I naturally wanted to experience more. I wanted to actually go and talk with the vendors and see the latest fashions that were being showcased. I also wanted to attend the informational sessions led by leaders in the fashion/merchandising world.
First up were the vendors! There were tons of vendors with unique items from shoes, clothes, accessories and jewelry. I met a couple of fab designers and distributors from the West Coast, East Coast, South and even Bali! I was so inspired by the people that I met. The energy, the drive, and the creativity moved me and gave me a high that I truly cannot put into words.
After taking in all of the fashions, I was ready to learn! I went to the “How to Open and Run a Successful Retail Store”, presented by Mercedes Gonzalez, Director of Global Purchasing Group. I learned a great deal and wanted to learn more than the time allowed. However, the presentation was enough to give me a taste and desire for more. I left inspired and the visionary in me definitely began to have thoughts of how to grow my own brand.
I could go on and on, but I am excited as you guys are to jump right into the pics! In addition to the photos below, I will be featuring two designers, Zacasha and Shawl Dawls in future posts to showcase some of the goodies that I scored from them. Plus, the designers of these two companies were so fun and fab that I have to share them with you guys!
Enjoy the photos below!



The fab Jennifer Belcourt, designer of Zacasha and I.


These necklaces are made of crystals and have a nice weight to them that clues you in to their quality.


The lovely Roshena Chadha, designer of Shawl Dawls, and I rocking these fab shawls that can be worn in 15+ ways!


Blue Pacific had scarves galore and any color, material, and shape that you could imagine!

Are these shoes from Dizzy not EVERYTHING! Perfect for any fashionista!


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  1. Wonderful post, Venus! Your Blogger/Reporter ensemble was equally stylish as working chic : ) I loooved the pics of the talented and emerging designers. I, too was inspired. Glad you had a fab time!

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