pinkklipstick Out & About: Arryles Trunk Show at House of Couture Boutique



A couple of weeks ago I attended a trunk show featuring Ar’ryles’ skirts at House of Couture Boutique in Atlanta, Georgia. I was so excited to attend to catch up with Ashley, her sister London, the owner of the Boutique, April and of course grab me a skirt. Ashley, designer of Ar’ryles, greeted me and encouraged me to try on a faux leather skirt as they had changed the sizing to fit us less than curvy girls.


After trying on the skirt the wrong way (LOL, I came out and everyone was like no this doesn’t look right! This is so typically Venus that I don’t even get embarrassed anymore!) I finally got the skirt on right and absolutely LOVED the way that it fit! It fits me like a glove and gives me a little curve or as I like to call it, a “toot toot”. Ladies, if you have not been Ar’ryles’d please do so soon! Best pencil skirt I have had, PERIOD.


“You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.” ― Stephen Richards



Check out the photos below!

arrylestrunkshow arrylestrunkshow-2 arrylestrunkshow-3 arrylestrunkshow-4 arrylestrunkshow-5 arrylestrunkshow-6 arrylestrunkshow-7

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  1. Lovely post, Venus! The skirts look really nice. Of course, your pics look fantastic. The event looks like it was a success. I had my eye on the pink skirt…I must check out the website! Keep up the good work!

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