Phase 2 of Killer Abs (Cardio)

After cleaning up your diet, we have reached the second phase of melting excess fat off of your midsection, cardio.  Cardio is not solely for aesthetics, but it also contains many health benefits as well.  Some of the benefits are stronger heart & lungs, increased metabolism, and the release of endorphins that creates a great feeling that is almost addictive.  The type of cardio doesn’t really matter as much, as long as you rev up your heart rate.  The workout does not have to be brutal as long as you ensure that you challenge yourself.  The key is to condition your heart , so that it pumps blood & oxygen to your muscles more efficiently.


There are few ways to tell if you are on the right track with your new cardio regimen.  If you can hold a conversation while you are working out it is a good chance that the cardio session is not challenging enough.  Another indicator is that you do the exact same workout over the course of several weeks; the distance ran for a set time interval should increase as weeks pass.  If you challenge yourself the body responds by rebuilding itself, so that it can handle the new demands it is faced with.  As you incorporate doing cardio into your lifestyle, you will find there are several ways to keep your workout regimen fresh and invigorating.


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Cardio can be tuff during the first couple of weeks, but once you get into the hang of things you will find it to be fulfilling; runners high is an incredible feeling.  Depending on your preferences a nice run in the park can be a great outing.  Or you may prefer to go on a challenging hike up the mountains and take in the sights.  Pets need exercise too, so encouraging your pets to stay active by taking them on a nice jog is a great way of bonding.


It doesn’t matter what type of cardio you choose, just do it and you’ll be feeling great and rocking that crop top in no time.



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