#OOTD: The Best Off-the-Shoulder Shirt

For the latter part of spring and into summer, there’s nothing like having flow to your outfit. Not only does it make your overall look appear effortless, it is comfortable and keeps you cool as the temperature rises. And boss babes, just because you have flow to your outfit doesn’t mean that your look has to be sloppy or that you can’t show a little skin. You can do all of those things with the right outfit pieces.



Off-the-shoulder shirts are not all created equal. Tube tops are cool…if that’s your thing, but off-the-shoulder tops that have a looser shape and other details that are functional and add flow to it are so much more chic-er. The bonus of shirts like this one is that they look good on anyone and are versatile.

Wear it Unapologetically

I paired this BLANK Wardrobe shirt with denim for a casual look. I wore it half-tucked to add some shape without disrupting its natural flow. I finished off the outfit with gold accessories and my favorite spring/summer bag from BLANK.


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  1. Excellent post, Venus! I looove the color and texture of the blouse. This is definitely a great piece for Spring, Summer and Early Fall! Keep up the incredible work!

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