On Trend: How to Rock a Reworked Shirt

When we talk about having a foundational wardrobe, the classic button up shirt is always at the forefront as an essential piece.  The classic button up shirt is versatile and can take you from the office to happy hour easily with only a slight modification here and there. However, recently, the classic button up has stepped out of its essentials piece box and into the trendy box, but not in a way you may expect it.


These shirts have been ‘reworked’ into different shapes and worn in multiple ways, especially for the spring and have been dubbed the reworked shirt.  With exaggerated sleeves, tied arms, and hanging off the shoulders these classic pieces are not so classic anymore, but still maintains a fun way to play with your classic wardrobe staple in a trendy way.  Now, you can buy a shirt that has already been ‘reworked’ or you can do what I did and take one from your closet and ‘rework’ it yourself.  You’ll remember that I showed you all how to play with your classic button ups in this video.  This time, I decided to use a classic spring print, gingham, to show you all how to jazz your favorite button up shirt up a bit.

Wear it Unapologetically

I decided to wear my shirt off of my shoulders and pair it with my favorite white distressed jeans, bucket bag and slides.  To wear your shirt off the shoulders, button your shirt up until you have just enough slack to slide each sleeve off of your shoulders a quarter of the way down.  I like to push up my sleeves and flatten out my collar for a bunched up, effortless, but clean look.  Feel free to play around with your sleeves to add your personality and preferences to the look.

The reason why I like making my own ‘reworked’ shirt is because you have free range on how you rock it.  Some brands, like Zara get the point of being able to wear these shirts in multiple ways and so they’ve created ‘reworked’ shirts that can be worn in different ways.

Have you tried the ‘reworked’ shirt trend? How did you rock it?

What I wore: Shirt: JCrew, Jeans: Levi’s, Bag: Express, Shoes: Forever 21

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