Goals and Consistency

Consistency is the word that has become my current mantra. I know that it’s been kind of trendy to have a word for the year. My words, however, last until I’ve felt like I’ve made some big movements on them. The reason why I didn’t say until completion here is because I don’t believe that we ever complete our journeys, rather we constantly evolve. So, my current focus on my journey is on consistency. I especially find this to be the case when it comes to my businesses. The idea that if you don’t move your feet you don’t eat is so true. Consistency is one of the number one drivers of success in anything that you do. When you look at any goals you have made in your life, the only way you’ve been able to crush them is consistency. I can almost guarantee that some of your failures are tied to inconsistency when it comes to goals that haven’t been met.



And listen, I’m with you. It hasn’t been an easy journey. I’ve backslidden a time or two and I’m still trying to find my routine and rhythm for what consistency feels like and looks like for me. What keeps me going is knowing and seeing my end goals. There is no doubt about what I want to accomplish. No wavering whatsoever. What I’m finding is that in order to stay consistent, there has to be a pure and bigger vision to why you are doing what you are doing. Passion isn’t enough.

What are your thoughts about consistency? How have you been able to stay consistent?

What I wore: Jumpsuit – Boohoo (similar), Not Your Average Boss Blazer – BLANK Wardrobe, Scarf – Target (similar), Backpack – French Connection, OTK Boots – JustFab (similar)

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