New Year, Repurposed Look

I am a huge fan of being able to repurpose items that you already own that can be found in your closet. In my opinion, it is easy to go out and buy new items to put together that are super trendy and often times predictable. Although, I love shopping like the next girl, especially being a fashion blogger, I also love to challenge myself (and save some coins), by shopping my own closet. Not only is this a challenge, but the creativity that it evokes really pushes your talent and capacity; often times for the better.

The look below features all items that you have certainly seen on this blog in one form or the other. My blazer is a blazer I scored on sale from H&M several years ago, my jeans and top are from Express and Target, respectively, and my shoes are from Jessica Simpson’s breakout shoe line. This layered look was super trendy while adding a hint of my personality with the blazer and of course the bold lippie. Do you like shopping your own closet? Do share!


“It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.” —Confucius

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  1. Nice and economic post, Venus! I looove the outfit especially the jeans and shoes. Of course the bold lippie is fabulous! To your point, shopping my closet has been a creative challenge. It also urges me to do periodic inventory and clean up lol I have been using your posts as well a Pinterest to recreate outfits! Keep up the good posts!

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