Most Wanted: Physicians Formula Argan Wear Primer

You all know the story.  You go to Target to pick up that one essential item.  You ALWAYS pass the beauty aisle.  The lights. The colors.  The displays. They get you and you inch over and next thing you know, you are going aisle to aisle checking out the new and the old and filling up your cart.

Well this happened to me a couple of weeks ago when I found myself looking at all the goodies that Physicians Formula had to offer.  They’ve released a newish (or maybe new to me?) line called Argan Wear full of primers, moisturizers, etc.  I wanted to try a drugstore primer and decided to pick this one up because of its claims.

The Argan Wear 2-in-1 Argan Oil Primer by Physicians Formula is made of 100% pure argan oil and coconut water.  This combo hydrates and refreshes the skin for a perfect base for your make-up or to wear alone.  It claims to brighten, tone, controls shine, and add a natural glow to your face.

So, was it good?

I’ve been using this primer for about 3 weeks and I must say, I love it! I’ve received so many compliments about my skin.  People have asked me if I switched my foundation and my answer is always no.  I’ve used the same foundation for the last couple of months. In fact, I’ve actually used less foundation on a day to day basis, opting to add foundation where I need it and blend with powder.

I’ve noticed that my skin looks brighter and clearer.  Some of the dry spots I’d noticed in the past before using this primer are completely gone.  I’ve also noticed that my makeup application is smoother and easier with my makeup looking flawless afterwards.

What’s the bottom line?

I’d highly recommend giving this primer a try. This will be in rotation for sure and a staple in my kit.

Want to try it? Get it below!


physicians formula argan oil primer

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