Mixing Seasons: How to Wear a Sundress in the Winter

Who told you to put up that sundress that you loved wearing during the spring and summer? Go ahead and pull it back out and continue to rock it until spring because you absolutely can! Mixing textures and layering allows you to rock some of your favorite spring and summer essentials well into the winter.  In fact, I always leave out some of my spring and summer essentials because I know I will continue to rock them during the fall and definitely the winter.

Wear it Unapologetically

When you are transitioning and rocking a piece that is made for warmer weather in cold weather, layering is key.  I like to layer my pieces with coats, jackets, sweaters, tights, boots and scarves to add warmth and also depth.  One of the subtle things that you may notice about colder weather fashion is that there is a lot of depth to what you wear because of the layers compared to warmer weather fashion where you may notice fashion tilting towards being airy and light.  So, in order to really transition those airy and lighter pieces for cooler weather, you have to thicken them up with staple colder weather layers.

The sundress below is one of my absolute favorites that I’ve had for several years now.  I love it because for warmer weather it is so light and offers the right amount of sheerness and peak-a-boo slits.  In the winter, it is one of my favorites because of the colors and the patterns – I think the pop of color is sometimes necessary in my mostly, black, white, gray and nude wardrobe I tend to lean toward in the cooler months.  To winterize this sundress, I added my favorite faux leather jacket, combat booties, and tights. This added the right amount of depth to make the sundress more appropriate for cooler weather and of course made it functional because I was warm.  Some other items I’d add would be a knit scarf and some gloves if the weather was cooler.


What I Wore Sundress: H&M (inspired), Boots: JustFab (similar), Faux Leather Jacket: Arden B (similar), Tights: H&M, Sunnies: Target (similar)


“By persisting in your path, though you forfeit the little, you gain the great.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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