Menswear: Shopping Your Man’s Closet



Menswear has become super trendy over the last couple of seasons and for good reason: it’s super comfortable, fashion-forward, and in many ways powerful.  My go to office chic leans toward more masculine trends and it is because I feel more professional and powerful when I am clad with a masculine blazer over a pencil skirt.  Plus it is super comfy to me!
My fiance has a closet full of items that I’ve had my eye on to try to incorporate into my wardrobe.  He generally doesn’t like it, but when he sees how I style it, he is so in awe that he let’s me wear it with one caveat, “Don’t wear perfume with it either!”.
I decided to take this Ralph Lauren pure wool sweater that he loves and make it a bit feminine.  I paired it with my skinny high waisted jeans and my favorite Coach purse I got a couple of years ago.  I completed the look with my favorite riding boots by Ralph Lauren.
What menswear trends are you guys mixing into your wardrobe?

“you can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” ― Stephen King

Check out the photos below!


Menswear-17 Menswear-15 Menswear-16 Menswear-20 Menswear-13 Menswear-14 Menswear-18 Menswear-19 Menswear-21

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  1. Very nice rustic look! I like the balance of the loose sweater with the fitted/skinny jeans to keep the portion steady. Back in the day, I would sneak into my dad’s closet and “borrow” his belts to finish my outfits! LOL I would occasionally wear his plaid jackets w/jeans : ) Wonderful post, Venus!

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