Meet Gina Conwell of Desired Extensions

Gina Conwell is the owner of Desired Extensions, a hair company that was created to help woman achieve fullness to their own hair and a new look by providing 100% Virgin Indian wefted hair in a variety of textures, lengths and colors.  Desired Extensions has a special interest in women who are suffering from alopecia with hopes of changing the way they look and feel through wearing her extensions and/or units.  I wanted to share Desired Extensions with you all because I loved Gina’s story and what the brand stands on in terms of giving back, education and empowering women through beauty.  Learn more about Gina and Desired Extensions from my interview with her below

You grew up in a family of beauty with your mom having the beauty supply store. Talk a bit about your journey in beauty.

My journey was that every year at the Bronner Bros hair show, my mother and father would bring in different hair companies such as Mizani, Nairobi, and some of your professional hairline companies and I would help them bring in the companies and I would work on the register. I would sell a lot of the hair products and this was starting at the age of 13 and 14 years old that I was doing that. I started really young working with people and also working in sales and dealing with hair. From there, probably around 2003, I started selling hair products as a sales rep. I would go around to the different salons and sell them professional hair product lines.  So that’s how I got into the beauty industry, as a sales rep and then to selling hair extensions.

Do you feel like that was something you really wanted to do or do you feel like you’ve always had an interest in doing it?

I’ve always had an interest in doing it. My sister is also a hair stylist so its not just my mother and father, so I have the hair industry all around me. I never could do hair, but I loved the knowledge of educating people about the pH balance of shampoo when relaxers were really popular. We did a lot of hair classes. So I always wanted to do hair, but after a while, I found out that I would not be a good hair stylist, so I got into the education part. I can tell you how to grow your hair.  If you want me to do it, you’re not going to look good at all. That’s how I got the name of my business, Desired Extensions. It was about desire.

What does Desired Extensions offer and what makes it stand out?

We stand out from other hair companies based on the fact that we do custom hair pieces. We don’t just sale hair bundles and we also do consultations. So we basically refer you to different hair pieces and extensions based on your lifestyle. When my customers call me we actually go through a consultation of why you are wanting the hair extensions? Have you ever worn them before? Are you on any medication? What type of career do you have? So it’s almost like we have a relationship. We don’t just sale you hair, we sale you something based on your lifestyle. You won’t just call us and say I want this or that. We ask you questions and are very detailed and we educate you on what you’re buying, so that way in turn you’re able to make an educated decision on what you want for yourself.

Where do you see Desired Extensions going next?

We’re doing a hair tour now, it’s called mastering a flawless hairline. We’re touring to different cities with our first stop being in May with Birmingham, AL and our second stop in June for Savannah, GA. Our last stop will be in northern Charleston, SC in June as well. We’re educating people on full lace wigs, frontals, and closure pieces ano how to install them and remove them the proper way without people losing their edges.

Is the class open to anyone?

Yes, the class is open to anyone. We’ve actually had people who have alopecia and they have been diagnosed that their hair will never grow back in so they take the class so that they learn how to install it themselves. The class is intensive and hands on. We have you work on a live model. We go over everything from why they were created and how they are to be properly used. You can sign up by going to or you can also give us a call.

In terms of the world of beauty, you are pretty cutting edge with leading with the customer and putting customer service first: educating the customer. What do you see in terms of the world of extensions, where are we going to go next?

I think the beauty industry now is getting into healthy hair because I have more people getting into wigs than sew-ins. Sew-ins can be very heathy for your hair but people and their foundation – their braiding too tight, their leaving the extensions in too long. I’m seeing more people going into wigs, when wigs weren’t the big thing, it was the sew in. People are paying more attention to education. Consumers are wanting more education.

What’s your favorite beauty trend?

The frontals. They are very versatile. You can create a bang. A part to the left. In the middle to the right. It’s perfect for those that don’t want to blend in their own hair daily. It’s also great for people who do not have a hairline.

What is something else you’d like to be sharing with readers?

We will be having pop up shops in the city. In each city that we are touring. If people are wanting to get a closer look at the pieces or get a consultation with us, they can meet us at one of those pop up shops.

Learn more about Gina and Desired Extensions here. Contact them and follow them on social here.



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