May #OOTD Posts Recap Featuring Outtakes

Can you all believe that it is already June? I would be in complete denial if it weren’t for June being my birthday month (woohoo Geminis!). In honor of the beginning of the month, I wanted to take a step back and look at what was featured on for the #OOTD posts. In fact, I’m going to start doing monthly recaps of my #OOTD posts at the end/beginning of each month (the last/first Monday of the month) and share some of the outtakes that did not make the blog. Some of them will show me creating awkward poses, getting annoyed with Alfred, and getting distracted by my environment – which happens more times than not!


This month I played a little bit with my fashion and ventured out of my comfort zone without completely abandoning my style personality. That is the thing to keep in mind as you are trying different trends or playing with your fashion.  Always maintain the core of your style personality – we all have one and I believe that it takes a lifetime to refine. Just as we are always growing with each passing year, so should our style personality with the core of what makes it up remaining steady. Have you all defined your style personality?


Check out some of the outtakes from May’s #OOTD post below with slight commentary.


“Learning is a gift. Even when pain is your teacher.” – Maya Watson




If you notice, the seam of my skirt on the side has shifted to the front slightly, hence the reason you do not see too many side shots in the original post.  Alfred is so creative when it comes to getting awesome shots, but knowing seams and other no nos to give me a heads up to adjust something is not his lane…at all, but that’s where I come in.




Hair is all over the place in this one.  The wind was crazy this day, but welcomed because it was heating up to near 90 degrees and I had on these jeans!




This is my half annoyed/half intrigued face.  Someone pulled a cat out of their bag and took over my shooting spot to take a photo.  So this is me annoyed because I’m like, “You clearly see me shooting there” face and “But did he really pull a cat out of his bag to take a photo by the pond?” Haha! This is why I love people folks!




Another semi-awkward pose that kind of worked because this is a “pose” that I will sometimes do when someone’s making me uncomfortable – this is usually after something that they say or do and I have several thoughts going through my head that this gesture FEELS like I can hide my confusion/irritation.  Haha, it is not so exaggerated when done in “real life”, but I will grab the back of my neck and tilt my head back slightly.


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