Master the Art of Layering for Cold Weather

Layering is one of my favorite things about fashion in the winter. When done right, it can make an average outfit look amazing while keeping you warm at the same time. Functional and stylish is the name of the game around here. Y’all know that. I had so much fun playing with this look and layering some of my favorite pieces from my wardrobe to create something that I’ll replicate before the weather heats up again.

Wear it unapologetically

Under all of those layers you have to have a base. My base is a knit cami dress from BLANK Wardrobe. This cami dress is super versatile and a piece that you’ll keep in your closet for seasons to come. To make it work for the winter, I paired it with a wrap coat, mock turtleneck sweater, a faux fur stoll, sneakers, and a medium sized handbag. What makes the layering extra good here is the mixture of textures and the combination of colors. If you notice, the look kind of just flows…right? The mixture of textures and colors help to achieve this flow.

You’ll notice in some shots, I have on the coat and in some I don’t. I wanted to show you how the coat can be a great add on, but it’s not the main course and therefore can be removed if it gets too hot to wear and not totally disturb the feel of the look. The actual main course to this look is the base piece which is the cami dress. As subtle as it appears, it is the only piece in the look that if removed it would drastically change the look. You want your base piece to be your main course so that as you remove pieces, you can still maintain the same general feel to your look.

What I wore – Coat: Who What Wear (similar), Sweater: H&M (similar), Dress: BLANK Wardrobe, Purse: JustFab (inspired), Shoes: Adidas

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