Makeup & Mimosas by Duchess Cosmetics

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a local event all about beauty called Makeup & Mimosas 101 that was put on by Duchess of Duchess Cosmetics. Y’all it was so bomb! The event was all about learning about taking care of your skin and how to do a natural makeup look.

The event was set-up like a brunch with light bites and of course, mimosas. As we sipped on our mimosas and ate our light bites we got a lesson in skincare and makeup. The session started off with a skin care lesson from Charisma of SimplyCharisma Beaute Salon. Listen, I LOVE skincare and I feel pretty knowledgeable in skincare products and regimens, but I got my entire life from Charisma. I learned the proper way to use toner and serums. Yes. That means a post will be coming soon to share with you all. 🙂

After the skincare lesson, we went right into the makeup lesson. Duchess brought in a great makeup artist named Mahogany Creations. She went step by step of how to achieve a natural beat using products that we owned and some Duchess Cosmetics products as well. I consider myself to be pretty good at applying makeup, but I still picked up several gems from this session, especially on how to do my eyebrows.

Attendees were given a goodie bag that included a Duchess Cosmetics lipstick of their choosing. This was definitely the perfect event to attend with a friend or mother. The set up was perfect for learning and meeting new people as we learned about skincare and makeup.

Overall, I would recommend this event to anyone that is in the Atlanta area and I would attend again; it is the perfect class for people who are just starting out with makeup and also those that want to study the craft a bit more.

Be sure to check out Duchess Cosmetics to take a look at her makeup line. At the event, Duchess debuted her foundation which is pretty amazing from her demo and from me checking it out on her skin.



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